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Sheet Metal and Machine Shop specializing in industrial fabrication and repair, In house or on site we can do it all.
With our skilled staff and computer controlled machinery we can fabricate and install the most complex parts


We offer a wide range of services and have experience in many industries such as:

Nanotechnology  •  Semi Conductor/Electronics  •  Pharmaceutical  •  Clean Room  •  Bio Tech • Chemical  •  Process Equipment and Piping
Vessels/Tanks  •  Scientific/Laboratory  •  Government/Defense  •  Water Treatment/Public Works  •  Plastic  • Paper   •   and others

Stainless Steel Polishing and Passivation

      Line Boring
  Quick Turnarounds - Quality Craftsmanship - Competitive Pricing

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A large variety of materials can be spray welded for a number of reasons. Whether its for wear resistance, non slip non skid coatings or to build up worn areas. This worn sleeve was spray welded and brought back to factory tolerances. Now it is like new and more wear resistant than Before

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Before          After

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