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We perform polishing and passivation on components that will be used in food and pharmaceutical applications.
We polish components to a RA32 finish. Wash all components with water and detergent. Then we electrically
excite phosphoric acid on all surfaces. Finally we neutralize with deionized water.


When stainless steel components are fabricated, welded, machined, cast or heat-treated, the surface will become
oxidised and/or contaminated with iron which can result in premature staining and corrosion attack unless it is
appropriately cleaned and passivated.

Polishing is successfully applied to a wide range of applications:
Reactor vessels, heat exchangers, blenders, storage tanks, piping and tubing, clean rooms, food and beverage processing 
equipment, medical equipment, machined parts and nuclear applications.   

Passivating improves corrosion resistance by reducing surface area, eliminating occlusions, reducing free iron,
and producing a passivating film of a corrosion resistant chromium oxide. The special properties of the oxide
layer are of great importance in semiconductor and pharmaceutical applications requiring a clean, sanitary
surface with little or no tendency to react with a liquid or gaseous chemical environment.