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Twin Wire Arc Jet At Altamont Spray Welding we have had many years of experience applying Twin wire Arc Jet coatings on
hundreds of applications using a number of materials. Including copper, bronze, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, nickel, zinc,
and over 20 different alloys. These arc jet-sprayed materials are used in many applications including: Wear resistance,
electrical conductivity, corrosion protection, parts restoration, bonding and more. Most materials can be applied in the
field as well as in our shop.


Piston from a sludge pump twin wire arc jet coated and machined to restore factory tolerances    
Here are a few examples of the most common materials used and the applications they are used for
Material rc hardness Characteristics
Carbide - 97MXC 64-69 RC 74-79 RC
(with nitrogen arc jet)
Provides superior wear and erosion resistance to fine particle abrasion. Applications:
Pump Impellers, housing and shafts, Hoppers, tanks, transfer chutes or anything that is exposed to a harsh abrasive environment.
Aluminum Bronze -10T 95 RB Abronze type alloy that has a low coefficient of friction.
Self bonding, resistance to corrosion, mechanical and thermal shock
300 Series Stainless Steel - 88T 93-97 RB A high chromium alloy with outstanding resistance to abrasive wear. Applications:
Pump sleeves, bearing areas, seal areas, sewage pump pistons
Aluminum - 01T 72 RB An aluminum base alloy.
Aluminum bell housings for electric motors. Example: Worn bearing bore
Zinc - 02Z 60-73 RB A zinc alloy that provides protection for iron and steel against galvanic corrosion.
Example: Waterless conveyer frames, steel, iron structures and potable water tanks.
Chrome Steel 13% 60T 40-43 RC Excellent wear quality low shrink used for build up of badly worn parts.